Portfolio Update – Up 1.00% in May 2013

My portfolio balances at close of trading on 31st May were:

Ticker Price (C$) Price Change Percentage Industry
POW.TO $ 29.10 7.26% 6.8% Finance, Specialty
FTT.TO $ 22.66 n/a 6.7% Industrial Services and Supplies
TCK-B.TO $ 27.69 3.32% 6.5% Basic Materials
DII-B.TO $ 41.25 n/a 6.4% Consumer Cyclical
IFC.TO $ 61.35 n/a 7.1% Finance, Insurance
LB.TO $ 44.15 n/a 6.6% Finance, Diversified
XRX $ 9.11 n/a 6.9% Technology
S&P Fund $ 143.64 5.14% 12.9% US Equities
Bond Fund $ 225.35 -1.48% 33.3% Bonds
Cash 6.9% Cash
Total 100.0%

Overall my portfolio is up 1.00% since last month.  There were no cash contributions.  For comparison my TI Index is up 0.48%, the DOW is up 1.86% and the TSX is up 1.56%.

My investments have performed well against the TI Index, which was dragged down by gold and bond prices, but not so well against the pure equities indexes: the TSX and Dow. This is to be expected: it was a good month for equities but not for bonds.

The two value stocks that I bought last month did very well: Teck Resources (TCK-B.TO) is up 7.26% and Power Corp (POW.TO) is up 3.32%.  My S&P Fund is up 5.14%.  My bonds are down 1.48%.

The table above does not show the performance of stocks that were bought during the month (it only shows month-on-month performance).  I bought quite a few stocks this month so I am including an additional table to analyze their performance, as follows.

Ticker Cost basis Price today Gain (Loss)
TCK.B $27.03 $27.69 2.44%
POW.TO $26.20 $29.10 11.07%
IFC.TO $58.60 $61.35 4.69%
LB.TO $44.30 $44.15 -0.34%
FTT.TO $22.89 $22.66 -1.00%
XRX $8.90 $8.79 -1.24%
DII.B $41.01 $41.25 0.59%
Average 2.32%

In summary, my value stocks have gained 2.32% since buying them.  Performance would have been much better were it not for a sudden downturn in the two hours of trading today, during which the TSX fell 0.5% and the Dow fell 1%.  I bought Xerox (XRX) and Laurential Bank (LB.TO) today, and both are down materially!

My bond holdings are at 33.3%, which is very close to my target of 33.5%.  I have 6.9% cash which I can use to add another new position if prices fall.

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 11.40.21 AM


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