Reducing Exposure to Canada

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 12.35.53 PMCanadian stocks have not fared well recently.  The TSX is down 2.5% in the last month.  US markets are doing much better by comparison.  I’m concerned about the Canadian banking sector.  Also, oil prices (especially oil sands prices) are under pressure.  I think it’s time to reduce my exposure to the TSX, and increase exposure to the roaring US market.

  • Sell XIU.TO @ $17.92
  • Buy XSP.TO @ $18.28


  1. Rob · April 13, 2013

    Yeah Garth Turner has had quite a few columns on this very subject convinced me that i need more exposure, but I will do it via ETFs rather than indivual stocks. At the same time I need to get my portfolio more balanced so it means adding a bond ETF.

    • Roth Niven · April 14, 2013

      Hi Rob. When it comes to bonds I stick to Benjamin Graham’s advice: stocks should be 25-75% of portfolio and bonds should be 25-75% of portfolio. I’m currently at 25% bonds, but plan to increase when I get nearer to retirement.

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