Peter Hodson’s Picks

I am a subscriber to Peter Hodson’s 5i Research.  I have been analyzing his picks for the past year or so and I’m impressed.  If you had bought every one of Peter’s ten A+, A or A- rated picks on the day he picked them then you would have received a money-weighted return of 30%.  Here is a screenshot of a notional portfolio wherein roughly $10,000 is invested in each A-pick on the day the pick was published.

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.13.27 PM

This is very impressive.  Peter appeared on BNN yesterday with his top three picks:

  • Cineplex (CGX.TO);
  • Stantec (STN.TO); and
  • Winpak (WPK.TO).

I am giving serious thought to including these stocks (or some of Peter’s other A-picks) in the speculative portion of my portfolio.  (I consider these to be speculative as they are small cap companies.)


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