Portfolio Update – Down 0.31% in September 2012

My portfolio balances at close of trading on 30th September were:

Ticker Price (C$) Price Change Percentage Industry
T.TO $ 62.01 -0.10% 4.7% Telecommunications
COS.TO $ 21.05 0.05% 4.1% Energy
PHY-U.TO $ 14.92 0.92% 5.8% Gold
POW.TO $ 23.90 1.66% 6.0% Financials
BMO.TO $ 58.10 n/a 6.3% Financials
TA.TO $ 15.05 1.07% 0.0% Utilities
AAPL $ 656.08 0.00% 4.2% Information Technology
INTC $ 22.29 -8.99% 6.6% Information Technology
IVV $ 142.01 n/a 8.8% US Equity Fund
XIU.TO $ 17.61 n/a 6.2% Canadian Equity Fund
S&P Fund $ 119.16 2.25% 10.1% US Equity Fund
EAFE Fund $ 86.33 n/a 10.1% Global Equity Fund
Bond Fund $ 224.15 0.67% 25.4% Bond Fund
Cash 1.8% Cash
Total 100.0%

Overall my portfolio is down 0.31% since last month. There we no cash contributions this month. For comparison my TI Index is up 1.55%, the DOW is up 2.65% and the TSX is up 3.08%.

My investments have done poorly compared with these indices. Winners this month include my S&P Fund up 2.25%. Losers include Intel (INTC) down a whopping 8.99%.

During the month I sold perennial loser TransAlta (TA.TO) and picked up a TSX fund (XIU.TO) and an S&P fund (IVV), which should stabilize my portfolio and bring performance closed to that of my IT Index.

My bond holdings are at 25.4%, which is acceptably close to my target of 25%. No rebalancing is required this month.

I put most of my cash to work this month so my cash is at 1.8%, which is fine.

I have been tracking my investments in this blog for 16 months.  Although my portfolio has handily beaten the TSX by 4% during that time, overall performance has been disappointing compared with US indices and my TI Index (see chart below).  I am hopeful that by adding two new index ETFs (XIU.TO and IVV) my portfolio will perform more strongly against the DOW.


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