Portfolio Update – Down 0.8% in May 2012

My portfolio balances at close of trading on 31st May were:

Ticker Price (C$) Price Change Percentage Industry
T.TO $ 60.12 1.37% 6.1% Telecommunications
COS.TO $ 20.09 -7.97% 4.4% Energy
PHY-U.TO $ 13.72 -2.19% 5.4% Gold
POW.TO $ 22.92 -16.20% 4.0% Financials
SJR-B.TO $ 19.75 -3.00% 3.7% Consumer Discretionary
TA.TO $ 16.85 2.87% 8.1% Utilities
AAPL $ 596.83 3.40% 5.6% Information Technology
S&P Fund $ 113.34 -1.47% 18.8% US Equity Fund
Bond Fund $ 221.45 2.12% 25.4% Bond Fund
Cash 18.5% Cash
Total 100.0%

Overall my portfolio is down 0.12% since last month, including cash contributions. Without these cash contributions the portfolio would be down 0.80%.  For comparison my TI Index is down 4.13%, the DOW is down 6.21% and the TSX is down 6.34%.

My investments have done very well compared with the TI Index, the TSX, and the DOW.  Winners this month include TransAlta (TA.TO) and bonds. Losers were Power Corp (POW.TO), Canadian Oil Sands (COS.TO) and Shaw (SJR-B.TO).

My bond holdings are at 25.4%, which is acceptably close to my target of 25%. No rebalancing is required this month.

My cash is at 18.5%, which is lower than my target of 25%.  This is because I purchased Apple (AAPL) today.  I am OK with this level of cash (i.e. I don’t want to sell anything right now) and I expect to put most of this cash to work after the summer (sell in May and…).


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