Portfolio Update – Down 1.30% in November 2011

My portfolio balances at close of trading on 30th November were:

Ticker Price (C$) Price Change Percentage Industry
COS.TO $ 21.45 -7.14% 6.1% Energy
ERF.TO $ 26.65 -3.86% 6.2% Energy
PHY-U.TO $ 15.56 5.31% 8.0% Gold
BMO.TO $ 59.66 1.31% 6.4% Financial
POW.TO $ 22.29 -11.20% 5.0% Financial
SJR-B.TO $ 21.07 4.36% 5.1% Technology
SLF.TO $ 18.46 -26.63% 4.1% Financial
TA.TO $ 21.99 0.27% 5.2% Energy
TRP.TO $ 42.88 1.20% 5.8% Energy
S&P Fund $ 104.82 2.12% 16.7% US Equity Fund
Bond Fund $ 213.50 0.82% 30.9% Bond Fund
Cash     0.6% Cash
Total     100.0%  

Overall my portfolio is down 0.42% since last month, including additional cash contributions. Without these cash contributions the portfolio would be down 1.30%.

For comparison my TI Index is up 0.28%, the DOW is up 0.76% and the TSX is down 0.39%.

Markets have been very choppy this month, with the Dow rallying over 4% just today. The European debt crisis is the main factor that seems to be restraining prices. Greece is about to default on its debt, Italian debt is yielding 7% and even Germany is having trouble in its bond auctions. However, earnings are good and even consumer sentiment seems to be improving.

The US Government has still not resolved its earlier debt crisis. The debt ceiling was raised in August only when politicians agreed to create a “super-committee” to find deficit reductions. Well, apparently the supercommittee has failed to do so. Trouble may lie ahead there.

My portfolio has not performed well compared with the TSX or compared with my TI Index. My bonds and gold have done well, but the equities have been mixed. Sun Life (SLF.TO) is down a whopping 26% this month. If Sun Life had remained at the same price as it was last month then my portfolio would be UP marginally for the month.

My bonds are now 30.9% of my portfolio, which is too high. I will rebalance now (buy/sell prices of trade not recorded as this is a routine rebalancing).


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