Closing Out IBM

I sold the last of my IBM (IBM) stock today at US$170.95. My assessment shows that the return on IBM at its current price will only be around 10.44%, which is the lowest projected return in my portfolio. Also, the dividend is only 1.75 at current prices.


The price of US$170.95 is quite a bit below recent highs. However, the recent advance in the USD against the CAD means that this amounts to a native price of CA$182. This is a higher native price than my other recent sales of this stock, which were executed when the CAD was much higher.

  • SELL IBM (IBM) @ US$170.95

The average dividend yield in my portfolio is now 5.55% with a projected return of 15.03%. The return is based on current earnings estimates, which are at risk if suggestions of recession are true.


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